Member Types

Member Types


  • If you have a degree from an approved University or equivalent you can join as an Associate member which entitles you to all member benefits
  • Associate members can serve on the AACB Council and Executive
  • Associate members can be nominated to represent the AACB on a number of Government and International Committees
  • A number of Associate members are nominated by the AACB to promote the profession at a national level


  • Admission to the Membership category of the AACB is highly regarded both in Australia , New Zealand and Internationally
  • The MAACB qualification is recognised in most industrial awards as equivalent to a Masters Degree
  • To achieve this qualification you will need to have been an Associate member for 2 years, have at least three years experience in clinical biochemistry and pass examinations set by the AACB Board of Examiners
  • Members are entitled to place the letters MAACB after their name
Membership Examination (MAACB)

Requirements to sit the MAACB exam:

  • Two years continuous associate membership with the AACB.
  • Three years work experience in clinical biochemistry. This may be taken in the third year of training but candidates will be admitted to Membership only after three years. This option is not recommended as past results have shown that few candidates have the required breadth of experience after only two years.


  • Fellowship of the AACB is the most highly regarded qualification that an AACB member can achieve
  • The FAACB qualification is internationally recognised as equivalent to a PhD
  • AACB Fellows are acknowledged by both the Commonwealth Government and employers as having the potential to hold senior management positions in pathology
  • To achieve this qualification you will need to fulfil the MAACB membership criteria,have at least 5 years experience (including 2 years post MAACB) in clinical biochemistry and be admitted as Fellows by Council on the recommendation of, and after examination by, the Board of Examiners
  • Fellows are entitled to place the letters FAACB after their name
Fellowship Examination (FAACB)

Requirements to sit the FAACB exam:

  • Possession of MAACB.
  • Two years post-MAACB experience in clinical biochemistry.
  • Minimum five years work experience in clinical biochemistry.

Life Fellows, Honorary Fellows and Corporate Members


  • If you don't have a degree or are currently studying for a degree you can still join the AACB as an Affiliate.
  • AACB Affiliates are entitled to all privileges except voting rights, admission to office and application for higher qualifications
  • Student Affiliates should be enrolled for full-time study for an undergraduate degree in Science or Applied Science at an approved University