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AACB Office

The AACB Office in Perth had its genesis in the early 80's when Barbara Fry provided secretarial support to Ron Bowyer, the then Honorary Federal Secretary. Over nearly twenty years, Barbara developed the office into a professional administration group covering membership support, conference organisation and publications. The latter function was enhanced in 2000 when Ceri Alder joined to bring journal setup and production "in house". Barbara left in 2001 and was awarded a Honorary Fellowship in recognition of her long and dedicated contribution to the Association. Mr Tony Prior then took over at CEO.

It was decided to relocate the central office from Perth to Sydney and this process commenced in 2009 with the sale of the Perth offices and the purchase of space in Sydney, close to the airport in Alexandria. In February 2011, Peter Graham was appointed to head up the Sydney office and help in the transition of services from Perth. Since that time, the Human Genetics Society of Australasia (HGSA) has co-located with us in Sydney.

The Perth Office was vacated and "officially" closed on Tuesday 6th March 2011.

The current team is:

Lisa King - Event Manager (Melbourne)
Ph: 0408 904 524 E:

Erin McLemon - Membership Services & Publications Manager (Sydney)
Ph: 02 9669 6600 E:

Sherry Xie - Finance Officer (Sydney)
Ph: 02 9669 6600 E:

Tony Prior - LTO Project Manager (Perth)
M: 0439 987 076 E:

Central Office:
Unit 5, 85 Bourke Road
Alexandria, NSW 2015

PO Box 7336
Alexandria, NSW 2015

Phone: +61 2 9669 6600
Fax: +61 2 9669 6607