Outstanding Service Medallion


In 1992 the Awards Committee recommended to Council that a medallion be given for outstanding service to the AACB.


The award consists of a medallion with an enameled AACB logo on one side and the engraved name of the recipient, the year of award and the words "For outstanding service to the Association" on the other side.

Selection criteria

The medallion can be presented to people who had given ten years or more of active service or other extraordinary service to the AACB. The ten years of service would not need to be continuous and could be a mixture of service in different areas. These areas could include but need not be restricted to service on Branch Committees, AACB Council, Standing Committees of Council and Conference Organising Committees.

Who can be nominated

Any person who has performed outstanding service to the Association can be nominated: It is not necessary for the nominee to be member or Affiliate of the Association.

How to nominate a person

Your recommendation should be sent to the Executive Officer of the Association with full details (including dates) of the nominee’s service to the Association. The Awards Committee (currently the Executive) will consider nominations and make a recommendation to Council.

Recipients to Date

1993 Dr John Whitfield
1993 Mr Sandy Musk
1994 Mr Ian Farrance
1994 Mrs Barbara Fry
1994 Mr T Des Geary
1994 Dr Charles Small
1994 Mr Les Watkinson
1995 Mr K Collins
1995 Dr Michael Guerin
1995 Mr Lloyd Penberthy
1995 Dr John Edwards
1997 Dr Lyndsay Wyndham
1997 Dr Peter Dennis
1997 Dr Peter Pannall
1999 Ms Bev Dilena
1999 Dr John Connelly
2003 Prof Howard Morris
2005 Dr Chotoo Bhagat
2006 Dr John Beilby
2006 Dr Andrew St John
2007 Dr Andrew Wootton
2008 Dr Tony Badrick
2008 Dr Renze Bais
2013 Dr Dilo Pillai
2014 Dr John Earl
2014 Ms Janice Gill
Golden Jubilee Awards
2011 Mr Nick Balazs
2011 Ms Lyn Boscato
2011 Ms Denise Burns
2011 Mr Ruben David
2011 Mr John Galligan
2011 Mr Ian Goodall
2011 Ms Irene Gould
2011 Ms Margaret Jenkins
2011 Ms Sandra Klingberg
2011 Dr George Koumantakis
2011 Ms Debbie Kunde
2011 Ms Helen Martin
2011 Dr Michael Metz
2011 Mr Neil Pascoe
2011 Mr Tony Prior
2011 Dr Sujiva ​Ratnaike
2011 Dr Ann Read
2011 Dr Fred San Gil
2011 Mr Paul Sheehan
2011 Mr Michael Staley
2011 Ms Jill Tate
2011 Dr Sam Vasikaran