13-15 September 2016
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane QL

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5 days of clinical biochemistry and medical science in Brisbane this September!

Satellite meetings on Monday and Friday offer programs for routine and specialised laboratories.

  • The latest developments in harmonised reference intervals (Monday) and internal quality control processes (Friday). Essential for all laboratories and clinical biochemists
  • Cutting edge chromatography mass spectrometry andits rapid implementation into the routine clinical laboratory (Friday)

The main program from Tuesday –Thursday continues the theme with presentations from world expert speakers who are bringing new biomarkers into routine clinical practice.

  • Prof Jeremy Nicholson (London) metabolomics; metabolic profiling

Prof Jeremy Nicholson is a world expert on many topics relevant to current and future clinical laboratory medicine (look Prof Nicholson up on the web) including toxicology; metabolic phenotyping; personalised medicine; and the application of LC-MS/MS in surgical metabonomics where the technology is used in real time to determine the margins of tumours. A brave new world for clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine.

Prof Nicholson an entertaining and eloquent speaker is speaking in the omics session on Tuesday and delivering the David Rothfield Memorial Lecture on Thursday. Do not miss these presentations as they will be of interest to everyone attending.

  • Prof William Rosenberg(London) NAFLD and liver fibrosis biomarkers

Prof William Rosenberg is a world expert gastroenterologist who will discuss biomarkers for liver fibrosis and their introduction into routine clinical laboratory use.

  • Prof Stefan Grebe (Mayo Clinic)Thyroid Cancer and LCMS/MS of proteins in routine labs

Prof Stefan Grebe is laboratory leader and physician at Mayo Clinical Laboratories in the USA. In 2010 Prof Grebe gave a brilliant presentation at the AACB AIMS Perth Meeting on why laboratories should change from immunoassay to LC-MS/MS for steroid hormones.

This year in the Wednesday endocrine session Prof Grebe will discuss the measurement of proteins by LC-MS/MS. All routine laboratories in Australia use immunoassays. How will developments in the US impact on future trends in Australasia?

What is the latest in the laboratory assessment of thyroid cancer? Prof Grebe a world leader will give the Mayo Clinic perspective on Thursday.

  • Prof Shaun Brennecke (Melbourne) Pre-eclampsia

Prof Shaun Brenneke a world expert physician discusses the latest in biomarkers for preeclampsia and HELLP and their implementation into clinical practice guidelines. Prof Brennecke is the co-author of a leading 2016 New England Journal of Medicine publication on this topic.

  • Dr Lester Levy will start off the conference with an insight into how our world of pathology is an integral part of the health care system and how we will fit into medical practice in the future.

Liver disease is a great session on Tuesday where two gastroenterologists will update the conference on biomarkers for liver fibrosis and their application.

  • Saal-Foley lecture by A/Prof Tony Woods will highlight his experience as a scientist, researcher, teacher and educator.
  • Dr Delia Nelson makes the complexities of the immune system easy to understand and relevant in every area of pathology and associated diseases and disorders.
  • Dr Paul Clark will focus on biomarkers using hepatitis C cases from his clinical practice.

Pregnancy and new biomarkers will change routine diagnostic laboratory testing for preeclampsia. The Wednesday pregnancy session is a must for all laboratories.

Urine albumin and protein measurements are fundamental to laboratories and routine clinical practice. Dr Tom Cade a Melbourne physician discusses these assays from a clinical perspective in pregnancy and their implementation into the new Australian clinical guidelines.

  • A/Prof Narelle Hadlow (Perth) and A/Prof Ken Sikaris (Melbourne) are well known international expert speakers on pregnancy who will update and review the physiology of pregnancy and its application to testing in current laboratory practice. Ken and Narelle have an innate ability to explain a complex topic in easy to understand terms.

We are also fortunate to have speakers that will update us on the latest in antibiotic use and anti-microbial resistance, leukaemia diagnostic markers and therapies, massive transfusion and alternative blood supplies and the testing that manages the effects of this, and the new screening techniques for cervical cancer and the human papilloma virus.

Thursdays Closing session is a general overview for all delegates by Prof Rosenberg on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). NAFLD is almost endemic in our society and impacts on many aspects of routine laboratory medicine.

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