AACB 52nd Annual Scientific Conference

AACB 52nd Annual Scientific Conference
27-29 October 2014, Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide SA
Including a QC Satellite Meeting and Value of Pathology Satellite Meeting on Thursday 30 October 2014.



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It is my great pleasure to invite you to attend the 52nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists which will be held this year in Adelaide, South Australia from 27-29 October, including Satellite Meetings on 30 October.

The scientific programme committee has organised an exciting and thought provoking meeting around the theme of “Clinical Biochemistry Supporting P4 Medicine – personalised, predictive, preventive, participatory”. There will be a plenary lecture and symposium addressing each of the 4 “P”s that together represent a paradigm shift in the way medicine, and pathology, should be practiced in the 21st century. Top international and local scientific luminaries have been engaged to address these important concepts and their application to health promotion and optimised disease management. Topics for discussion include Pharmacogenomics, CVD prevention, ante-natal diagnosis, Alzheimer’s disease and health informatics.

Delegates will also have the opportunity present oral and poster presentations, share ideas, and network through our exciting social program. There will also be an extensive trade display where all the latest in technological advances will be displayed.

We look forward to meeting you in Adelaide!

Helen Martin
Chair, Scientific Program Committee

Under the Auspices of:

Scientific Program Committee

Helen Martin (Chair)
Howard Morris
Mohamed Saleem
Michael Metz
Bruno Sonza
Kristina Barancek
Julie Ryan

Conference Organising Committe

Peter Graham
Helen Martin
Lisa King
Peter Harman