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The PUTS project has delivered a draft recommended list of LOINC terminology and units for therapeutic drug reporting in Australasia. This list is out for public comment until the end of March 2012. Feedback from AACB members is welcomed - please contact Robert Flatman ( for additional information (See side-panel to right to download Draft Recommended LOINC and Units for Reporting of Therapeutic Drugs). Therapeutic drugs were selected as the first PUTS Biochem WG deliverable so that terminology would be available when the recommendation for use of units for therapeutic drugs is published in the MJA later this year (2012). Additional information on the process used for selection of these recommended drug terms is available in the explanatory document (Explanation of Recommended LOINC and Units for Therapeutic Drugs - also available at right side of screen).

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Below is a list of about 70 tests for which the RCPA PUTS Units Working Group is seeking ratification from the AACB. If there are any for which there are any issues please contact Graham Jones (