Past Roman Lectures

Past Roman Lectures

Prof RJ Bartholomew - 1973 Prof JR Hobbs - 1974 Prof M Rubin - 1975
Prof J Landon - 1976 Prof DH Curnow - 1978 Dr DS Young - 1979
Prof P Astrup - 1980 Dr ML Wellby - 1981 Prof V Marks - 1982
Dr PM Dennis - 1983 Dr D Goldberg - 1984 Dr J Connelly - 1985
Dr WJ Riley - 1986 Dr R Carrell - 1987 Dr WJ Hensley - 1988
Prof J Whicher - 1989 Prof J Martin - 1990 Dr JB Whitfield - 1991
Dr P Pannall - 1992 Prof L Lazarus - 1993 Dr J Westgard - 1994
Dr B Statland - 1995 Dr C Fraser - 1996 Dr P Garcia-Webb - 1997
Prof P Wilding - 1998 Prof R Williamson - 1999 Dr G N Kent - 2000
Dr R Kazlauskas - 2001 Prof CWK Lam - 2002 Dr T C Badrick - 2003
Prof H A Morris - 2004 Prof M McQueen - 2005 Dr J Beilby - 2006
Prof JR Burnett - 2007 Prof E Kilpatrick - 2008 Dr M Crooke - 2009
Dr K Sikaris - 2010 Prof G Kellerman - 2011 Ms H Martin - 2012
A/Prof C Florkowski - 2013 A/Prof G Jones - 2014 Dr P Coates - 2015
Prof G Miller - 2016

2010 Roman Lecture

Dr Ken Sikaris - "Biochemistry on the Human Scale"

Clinical Biochemistry is the most commonly applied clinical science. READ MORE

2011 Roman Lecture

Prof Geoffrey Kellerman AO - In our Golden Jubilee year: "AACB - Past, Present & Future"


Prof Geoffrey M Kellerman AO, MB, BS (Sydney) MD (Newcastle), FAACB, FRCPA, FRACP

Geoffrey Kellerman was the Foundation Professor of Medical Biochemistry in the Faculty of Medicine at Newcastle University from the years of 1976-93, serving as deputy dean and for two years as Dean. READ MORE

2012 Roman Lecture

Helen Martin - "Albumin Matters"

Biography - Helen Martin FAACB

Helen Martin has worked as a consultant in Clinical Biochemistry in South Australia and is Chair of the AACB's Board of Examiners. READ MORE

2013 Roman Lecture

Associate Professor Chris Florkowski

Chris first graduated in Natural Sciences (1st class Hons) from Cambridge University in 1978 before going on to do a medical degree at King’s College Hospital in London. READ MORE

2014 Roman Lecture


Associate Professor Graham Jones graduated in Medicine from Sydney University with breaks to gain a BSc(med) also from Sydney and a DPhil from Oxford University. READ MORE

2015 Roman Lecture


After completing training in endocrinology and chemical pathology at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the IMVS, Dr Coates worked for two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pittsburgh in clinical osteoporosis research. READ MORE

2016 Roman Lecture

Professor Greg Miller

Greg Miller, PhD, Professor of Pathology, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Greg Miller, PhD, is a Professor in the Pathology Department at Virginia Commonwealth University where he serves as Director of Clinical Chemistry and Director of Pathology Information Systems. READ MORE