Scope of Practice

Assessment of Competency in the Scientific Workforce of the Pathology Laboratory

Pathology testing is a key medical service carried out at the request of doctors. Pathology laboratories are staffed by pathologists, clinical scientists, scientists, technicians, technical assistants and other support staff. The production of timely and accurate results for referred patients requires the collaborative efforts of all laboratory staff.

The Scope of Practice document listed below was developed, reviewed and ratified by the Pathology Associations Council (PAC) in 2010 and again in 2013. The AACB is a member of the PAC and endorses the document which describes the appropriate roles, duties and competencies expected of scientific and technical staff.

The role that medically qualified pathologists play in supervising the cycle of patient care from test selection to reporting and interpreting results lies outside of the scope of this document and is defined elsewhere by the RCPA.