Useful Tools


Troponin Assay Characteristics Worksheets

The Troponin Assay Characteristics spreadsheet has been designed by Roger Johnson as an aid for laboratories who may wish to compare the performance of a Troponin assay in their laboratory with that achieved by the manufacturer. READ MORE

Tool Kits



Variance Function Program 2016

A Win32 computer program which estimates and plots the relationship between variability and concentration (imprecision profiles). It is aimed particularly at medical laboratory data and includes many options for fine-tuning graphical output. READ MORE

Regression Accuracy and Power Simulations (version 4.0)

A Win32 computer program that uses simulated data to model the accuracy and statistical power of parametric linear regression analysis in laboratory method comparison studies. The program incorporates unweighted (ordinary) least squares (OLS), iteratively reweighted least squares (WLS) and Deming (errors in X and Y) regression.


Data Handling and Interpretation in Method Comparison

An example of data handling and interpretation in method comparison studies

The example is meant to be viewed in conjunction with the article “Assessment of Bias with Emphasis on Method Comparison” that appeared in the Clinical Biochemist Reviews 2008; 29: 121-6. READ MORE