Harmonisation Workshop 2013

Held 12-13 July 2013

Following the success of our 2012 Workshop in reaching consensus on common reference intervals for most of the routine chemistry analytes, the next step was for each laboratory to verify the proposed reference interval/decision limits.

The two main questions labs need to answer when asking whether they can harmonise on the same reference intervals or clinical cut-off are:

  • Methodological – is their method okay or is there a bias?
  • Own population – does the reference interval/decision limit apply to their population?

The main goals and outcomes for the 2013 Workshop were:

  • Defining our reference populations for use with clinical decision limits
  • Consolidation of HRIs work with follow up of problematic analytes
  • Laboratory validation – adult and paediatric RIs
  • Strategy & timeline for laboratory implementation of HRIs

Reports and Presentations

  • Closing Remarks by Graham Jones: