Harmonisation Workshop 2014

Held 30 April-1 May 2014.

At the AACB 3rd Harmonisation Workshop, strategies for the validation of harmonised reference intervals and a roadmap for their implementation were discussed along with ways to assist individual laboratories to adopt a common RI.

The program included updates on:

  • European and Australasian harmonisation activities (with international speakers Dr Christa Cobbaert and Prof Sverre Sandberg)
  • Recommendations relating to the flagging of results and comments, and the provision of guidance in pathology reporting
  • A next panel of HRIs
  • Test profiles and calculated formulae – harmonisation challenges.

Reports and Presentations

European and Australasian Harmonisation Activities - An Update

Recommendations Relating to the Flagging of Results and Comments and the Provision of Guidance in Pathology Reporting

Implementation of Harmonised Reference Intervals
Validation and Implementation of HRIs

Next analytes

Test profiles and calculated formulae – harmonisation challenges

Closing Summary