QC Subcommittee

The AACB QLD Branch QC Sub-committee committee will meet prior to every Monthly Meeting.
For details contact Wendy Ferguson: or phone 07 31636 6618)

QLD Branch QC Subcommittee 2010 Report

The SC meets every month prior to the local AACB education meeting. The current members of the SC are Jill Tate (Pathology Queensland), Cyril Craven (QUT), Justin Oostenbroek (QML), Michael Freemantle (SNP), Dr Lee Price (SNP), Goce Dimeski (Pathology Queensland), Karen Jones (Mater Pathology), Donna Brown (SNP), Anna Bransden (Pathology Queensland) and Wendy Ferguson (Mater Pathology).

The group in conjunction with the RCPA Chemical Pathology QAP (J GILL and Dr G Jones) presented a poster ‘Bias Assessment and Commutability Testing for Urine Albumin Measurement’ at the AACB Annual Scientific Meeting held in Brisbane in 2009. The poster detailed Phase 1 and Phase 2 data. A larger Phase 3 study involving the QLD, NSW/ACT and WA QC Subcommittees is currently being arranged by QLD. This study aims to assess bias and commutability for urine albumin measurement in as diverse a range of urine albumin methods as possible and to compare patient urine albumin:creatinine ratios (ACRs) and their clinical significance according to each laboratory’s reference intervals.

This year the committee has not met as frequently. Members have been involved in sourcing samples and developing a project plan for Phase 3 of the study. It is anticipated that samples for Phase 3 will distributed later in 2010.

The SC is always receptive to suggestions from the Queensland AACB members for projects and QC problems that should be addressed. The subcommittee can be contacted through the chair (, phone 07 31636 6618).

Wendy Ferguson
Convenor, QLD QCSC