AACB Members Serving the IFCC

Executive Committees

Howard Morris 2012-2014, Vice-President
Peter Vervaart Communications & Publications Division

Task Force Membership

Graham Jones Task Force on Chronic Kidney Disease (Chair)
Michael Metz Task Force on Pediatric Laboratory Medicine

Committee Membership

Chris Florkowski EBLM
Janice Gill Analytical Quality (co-chair)
John Beilby Molecular Diagnostics
Sue Matthews Public Relations
Robert Flatman Nomenclature, Properties & Units
Ken Sikaris Reference Intervals & Decision Limits

Working Group Membership

Jill Tate Standardisation of Cardiac Troponin I (Chair)
Renze Bais Allowable Errors of Traceable Results (Chair)
Rosy Tirimacco Quality Specifications for Glucose POCT (Chair)
Graham Jones Standardisation of Albumin Assays in Urine & Standardisation of GFR Assessment
John Whitfield Standardisation of Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin
Peter Vervaart IFCC Publications/Internet and Distance Learning (Chair)
Howard Morris Bone Markers Standards on Osteoporosis

Corresponding Membership

James Davidson WG-Standardisation of Microalbumin & WG-Standardisation of Growth Hormone
Graham Jones C-Reference Interval and Decision Limits
Helen Martin C-Plasma Proteins
David Gillis WG-Harmonisation of Autoantibody Tests
Mark Shephard WG-Quality Specifications for Glucose POCT
Paul Glendenning WG-Standardisation of Insulin Assays
Greg Ward WG-Standardisation of Pregnancy-Associated Plasma Protein A
Dorothy Kouzios WG-Standardisation of Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin

Membership to other IFCC Initiatives/projects

Clinical Laboratories and the Environment 2010 - Steven Weier, Helen Martin, Gavin Hirst (Industry), Tony Badrick (Corresponding member)

IFCC Young Scientists Task Force 2010

Vicki Bell (Corresponding member)

If you are interested in a position please discuss with Jill Tate, AACB National Representative to the IFCC,
on (07) 36363441 and then send your application, CV and responses to the selection criteria to:
Chief Executive Officer
PO Box 7336
Alexandria NSW 2015

Your nomination will be then submitted to the IFCC by Jill Tate, along with a letter of support.