"It is clear that the technology for POCT is now reaching the level of reliability and performance such that the testing devices can take their place alongside the other tools used by the healthcare professional in the care of patients. Furthermore, guidelines and managerial tools are now available with which to ensure that practice can be assured if followed properly, as is the case with any other facet of care. In addition, there are now a number of studies that illustrate the crucial role that POCT can play in patient care and identify the benefits that can accrue from its application. The style of care and the way in which it is delivered will be the main determinants of how extensively POCT is employed. This should be founded on evidence-based guidelines and the improved outcomes that are demonstrated."

Price CP, St John A, Hicks JM, editors. Point-of-Care Testing. 2nd ed. Washington: AACC Press; 2004.